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1.) There will be boys who say sweet words that melt your heart, and they won’t want to just “get in your pants.”

2.) Everyone will hurt you some time or another, even the people who promise they won’t and aren’t supposed to.

3.) There are going to be days where you can’t go to school because you’ll be too tired from a sleepless night of over thinking.

4.) Everyone is going to leave you at some point in your life but sometimes the really special ones will come back.

5.) Sometimes the people you cannot live without, can live perfectly fine without you.

6.) You’re going to be young and fall in love and there’s a chance that will be the person you will marry, or just another person who will leave you with memories.

7.) Not everyone will be happy with your success and not everyone will be sad with your loss.

8.) There are going to be people you are close to and then suddenly one day you don’t talk and there’s not a good reason as to why

9.) People are going to make fun of you and you are going to stand out but you’re going to need to realize that everyone does this to everyone and even though it doesn’t make it right you’re going to have to learn to deal with it.

10.) There is going to be one day when suddenly no where feels like home until the day when your lips touch his, when you look into his eyes, and he wraps you in his arms and suddenly, there you are, home.

━ A list of things your mother will forget to tell you (via cutely-perverted)

yes, i would react faster than anyone else in this world
               and fight.
no, i’m certainly not your average person.


*blogs the pain away*

(1) If you were to choose two anime characters to be your parents, who would they be? (2) If you were an anime protagonist, what genre your anime be? (3) Do you like to paint your nails?
━ Anonymous

(1) If you were to choose two anime characters to be your parents, who would they be?
Oh my god this is such a good question hahaha and idk why but for some reason I want Hanji as my mom???? BECAUSE I BET SHE’S SUCH A COOL AND CRAZY MOM XDDD and as my dad.. wow I really don’t know. Maybe Erwin? I bet he’s a cool dad loooool I swear this question will bother me the whole night hahaha
(2) If you were an anime protagonist, what genre your anime be?
Probably shoujo lol
(3) Do you like to paint your nails?
No, it’s too much work 

Thanks anon! :D it was really fun haha

1) What's your major 2) Threee hardcore OTPs 3) When did you get deep into animes lmao

1) What’s your major: Leviology :D no seriously atm I don’t have one. Life sucks lolol
2) Threee hardcore OTPs: Ok hardcore sounds really hardcore XD but one of my OTP’s are ereri,makoharu and probably eruri for some reason hahahaha DON’T TELL ME JUST TO SAY THREE IT’S HARD TO DECIDE OMG ;___;
3) When did you get deep into animes: I think it was 2 years ago where one of my fav childhood animes was on tv and I was like hey anime and then it happened…..

Thank you!!! >w<

fav movie as a child, most disliked animal, your fav color
━ Anonymous

fav movie as a child: Ok there was this movie called “The Chipmunk Adventure” I loved this movie so much my dad recorded it for me back then I always watched it. I would probably start crying if I would watch it now it would give me so many feels ;-;
most disliked animal: probably snakes lol
your fav color: black and white

thanks anon! :D


I hate it when I get inspired to art

and then I art

and the art says no

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